Black Annealed Binding Wire


Made of Q195/SAE1006/SAE1008, iron wire, low carbon steel wire.
Binding wire, low-carbon, hot rolled steel, pickled and annealed, complying with the following specifications:
Yield strength: 195-235Mpa

Tensile strength: 295-540 Mpa or 350-680 N/MM2 ( typical 412 N/mm2)

Minimum elongation: 26%

Diameter tolerance:  ± 0.3 mm

Surface: Anti-corrosion oiled treatment.
Wire size: From 5mm to 0.15mm, from 5.5 to 8 mm.
Forms of supply:
Annealed wire
 can be further processed into a variety of forms, including:
Straightened Cut Wire;
U Type Wire;
Loop Tie Wire;
Coil wire;
Spool wire;
Twisted wire ties;
Other forms.


Steel Wire Rod Chemical Composition Element Fraction of Total Mass (%)

C Mn Si P S Cu Sn Cr Ni Mo
 0,06 - 0,08 0,35 - 0,45 max 0,10  max 0,03 max 0,025  max 0,25 max 0,03 max 0,20 max 0,20 max 0,03


Soft annealed wire offers excellent flexibility, uniform and consistant softness, and stiffness through the process of oxygen free annealing.

Annealed wire processes normally goes from Q195 wire rod through wire drawing into black wire, then the prime raw material goes through oxygen-free heat annealing. Also known as thermal annealing.

Annealing Technology: The wire materials go through over 1000 degrees high temperature calcination (the process will maintain enough time), then to appropriate cooling rate. The purpose is to reduce the hardness, improved machinability; elimination of residual stress, stable size, reduce the deformation and crack tendency; grain refinement, restructuring the organization, eliminate defects in the organization.

Annealing is divided into oxygen free annealing, open-hearth annealing used in galvanizing and heat annealling which is commonly used in factories.

Annealed Wire is oil tampered after annealing process to add the anti-rusting property.

Product Variety

Annealed wire is mainly used as binding wire, fencing wire, mesh wire in wire mesh manufacture, construction reinforcing, agricultural and daily bundling uses.

Annealed Galvanized Iron Wire

Soft Quality Black Annealed Coil Wire for Construction Binding Uses
Normal tensile strength ranges from 350 to 550 N/mm2. Custom specifications available. Small coils (for manual tying mainly) and big coils (designed for machine binding) are both supplied to meet specific work conditions.

16 BSWG Annealed Wire Ties

1.6mm (no. 16 gauge) black annealed soft iron tying wire for reinforcement fixing

Rebar Bundling Wire

Black annealed binding wires, 21BWG, in Wire Coils held by metal reelers: Soft annealed rebar ties provide fast and easy wire feed in tying rebars for transport and storage.

Small Coil Binding Wire, 5 kg per roll, for garden tying and daily packing, works well by hand or automatic wire twister

No. 9, 12, 14, 16 Gauge Black Annealed Tie Wire Rolls, Material: Steel wire (prime / first choice).

Big Coil Black Wire on Carriers for Automatic Cotton Baling
Big coils of maximum 2203LB per coil. With advanced wire rewinding machine to layout the small coil wire and winding it again into big coils with different inner diameter.

16 Gauge Cotton Bale Ties, Black Annealed Finish, Packed in 25kg inside plastic film, outside weaving bag

Building Material

2.5kg bundle packed cut wire

1.25 mm x 254 mm long pre cut wire, welded mesh binding wire: pvc coated / galvanized iron / black annealed straight cut wire in 2.5 kg bundles

Agricultural Products Bundling

Galvanized and annealed twisted ties, single end loop design, suitable for hay and cotton bales. Wire Gauge Applied: BWG 24, 23, 22, 20, 18, 16, 14

Specification Table Lists

Annealed Wire Gauge Comparison (SWG and BWG) (from Gauge 6 to 33):

Wire Gauge SWG(mm) BWG(mm) Wire Gauge SWG(mm) BWG(mm)
6 4.877 5.156 20 0.914 0.889
7 4.47 4.572 21 0.813 0.813
8 4.064 4.191 22 0.711 0.711
9 3.658 3.759 23 0.61 0.635
10 3.251 3.404 24 0.559 0.559
11 2.946 3.048 25 0.508 0.508
12 2.642 2.796 26 0.475 0.475
13 2.337 2.413 27 0.417 0.406
14 2.032 2.108 28 0.376 0.356
15 1.829 1.829 29 0.345 0.33
16 1.626 1.651 30 0.315 0.305
17 1.422 1.473 31 0.295 0.254
18 1.219 1.245 32 0.274 0.229
19 1.016 1.067 33 0.254 0.203

Comparison List (Gauge No. 8# to 22# ) ( ASWG, BWG and ISWG)

Gauge No ASWG (America standard Wire gauge ) BWG (Birmingham wire Gauge ISWG (Imperial standard wire gauge)
8# 4.114mm 4.191mm 4.064mm
9# 3.766mm 3.759mm 3.658mm
10# 3.429mm 3.403mm 3.251mm
11# 3.06mm 3.048mm 2.946mm
12# 2.679mm 2.768mm 2.642mm
13# 2.324mm 2.413mm 2.337mm
14# 2.032mm 2.108mm 2.032mm
15# 1.829mm 1.829mm 1.829mm
16# 1.578mm 1.651mm 1.626mm
17# 1.371mm 1.473mm 1.422mm
18# 1.206mm 1.244mm 1.219mm
19# 1.041mm 1.066mm 1.016mm
20# 0.883mm 0.883mm 0.883mm
21# 0.806mm 0.813mm 0.813mm
22# 0.726mm 0.711mm 0.711mm


Weight of coil/roll: 200kg, 100kg, 50kg, 25kg, 10kg, 2-8kg.
Packaging: Plastic film inside, Hessian or woven bag outside or as requirements.

1.Coil wire: plastic inside,nylon cloth outside or hessian cloth outside.
Weigth:1-800kg/coil,also wooden pallet can be arranged.

2. Spool wire: using plastic spool, then plastic outside,finally in paper carton.
Weight: 5-500kg/spool,also wooden pallet can be arranged.

3. Special pakage: 5-20kg/coil, 5-20coils/bunch
Plastic outside,also can be hessian cloth outside or fiber container.