Concrete Nails: Fasteners for Firm and Strong Sites in Construction


Nail Surface Treatment: Polished, electro galvanizing, blackish, bluish.
Screw shank, T cap and other special concrete nails to meet specific requirements.
Features: Excellent anti-bending, anti-crack and safety uses, superior piecing and fixing strength.
Common diameter sizes for galvanized concrete nails: 1.7~5.0mm and the nail length goes from 16mm to 50mm.

17 Gauge Concrete Nails

3/4"x17BWG-18BWG Black Concrete Nails with Lost Head

Galvanized Nails, 14 Gauge Steel Nails

Electro galvanized concrete steel nails, size 2"x14BWG

Smooth Shank Steel Nails

1-2 inches steel nails

Product Variety

Galvanized Steel Concrete Nails(Smooth Shank or Twilled Shank)

Nail Sizes 1.8×20mm 4.2×75mm
Nail Sizes 2×25mm 4.57×100mm
Nail Sizes 3×40mm 4.8×80mm
Nail Sizes 3.4×50mm 4.8×90mm
Nail Sizes 3.8×65mm 5×125mm

Black Concrete Nails / Bluish Concrete Nails

Nail Sizes 2×20mm 2×25mm 2×30mm
Nail Sizes 2.5×25mm 2.5×30mm 2.5×40mm
Nail Sizes 3×30mm 3×40mm 3×50mm
Nail Sizes 3×60mm 3×60mm 3×70mm
Nail Sizes 3×80mm 3×90mm 3×100mm
Nail Sizes 4.2×75mm 4.2×100mm 4.2×125mm

Color Concrete Nails

Nail Sizes 3×25mm 3×30mm 3.2×40mm
Nail Sizes 3.6×50mm 4×60mm 4.2×75mm
Nail Sizes 4.2×100mm    

Sunk-Head Concrete Nails

Nail Sizes 2.5×25mm 2.5×30mm 2.5×40mm
Nail Sizes 3×30mm 3×40mm 3.2×50mm
Nail Sizes 3.6×65mm 4×75mm 4.2×100mm

K Concrete Nails / T Concrete Nails

Nail Sizes 3×25mm 3×40mm 3.8×25mm
Nail Sizes 3.8×40mm 3.8×50mm 3.8×65mm
Nail Sizes 3.8×75mm 3.8×100mm