Rebar Tying Machines for Manual and Auto Binding

China supplier of wire twisters for fixing of tying wire, fencing wire and rebar ties.

Product Variety

Wire Tie Twister / Hand Tools

Tie wire twister / Pigtail Twisting Tool
1. Iron hook &wood handle assembled
2. hook can spin in hanlde
3. 50pc/carton

Twister of wires and rebar ties

For quick and efficient twisting in construction sites: It twists most ties with one pull.

Auto Rebar Tying Machine

Battery Driven Bar Tying Machine

Automatic Rebar Wire Ties Twister for Fixing Reinforcing Rebars, Li-ion Battery Driven

Battery Li-ion
Max. Tying Diameter
Time of Making a Knot 0.75 second
Voltage DC14.4V(4.0Ah)
Weight 1.9kgs
Turns per Tie 2 turns/3 turns
Ties per Coil Approx. 160 ties (3 turns)
Ties per Charge over 3200 ties
Length of Wire for Tying
650mm/2 turns 780mm/3 turns