Looped Bar Tie Wire


Low carbon black annealed wire
Galvanized wire
Copper coated steel
PVC coated mild steel wire

Wire diameter ranges from 0.8mm to 1.6mm and the wire gauges include 20#, 21#, 22#.

Double Loop Wire Ties are easy to twist and hard to break. In addition to bar tying, looped wire ties have a variety of uses such as bagging and bundling. Available finishes are PVC, Black Annealed and Galvanized.

Typical Applications

Tying bags of potatoes, onions, etc.
Bundling bars in stock, tubing and pipe for shipment
Securing concrete reinforcement bars in construction

Specification of Rebar Ties of Looped Design

General Wire Diameter 21Ga-14Ga BWG
Length 4 – 16inch.
Materials Black annealed wire
Galvanized wire
Coated steel wire
PVC wire

Galvanized Looped Ties

Wire Gauge Length Roll Weight Roll / pcs
15ga 10" 23.3kg 5000 pcs
16ga 4" 12kg 5000 pcs
16ga 5" 13.2kg 5000 pcs
16ga 6" 14.8kg 5000 pcs
16ga 10" 22kg 5000 pcs
18ga 4" 9kg 5000 pcs
19ga 7" 5.4kg 5000 pcs

Black Annealed Double Loop Ties

Wire Length Quantity/Bag
4" 5000
5" 5000
6" 5000
7" 5000
8" 5000
9" 5000
10" 5000
12" 5000
14" 2500
16" 2500
18" 2500
20" 2500
24" 2500

Product Variety

Looped Wire Tie, Rebar Ties

BWG16,18, 20 Guage Galvanized and Annealed Cut Iron Tie Wire, with Looped Ends for Quick Binding

16-Gauge Rebar Ties

Dead Soft Annealed, Double Loop, Bar Ties 16 Ga., Wire Looped On Both Ends, for Securing and Fixing Reinforcing Steel Bars

Plastic Coated Steel Wire, Automatic and Manual Tying Wire

16 Gauge PVC Coated Rebar Tie Wire, with Loops on end to put on rebar and twist, suitable for handy twister and automatic twisting tools.

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