Galvanized Iron Wire, Electro Galv., Hot Dipped Galv.


Wire Forms: Flat wire, round wire, oval wire.

Electro galvanized wire range from BWG 5 to BWG 28 as normal sizes.
Material: Low carbon steel wire Q195.
Popular size: BWG8# to BWG16#
Wire diameter: 5.0 mm to 0.8 mm
Zinc coating: 10-25g/m2
Tensile strength: 40-85kg/mm2

Hot dipped galvanized steel wire
Material: Low carbon steel wire Q195. 
BWG8-16  5.0MM-1.6MM
Zinc coating: 40-300g/m2
Tensile strength: 40-85kg/mm2
Elongation: 15%
Packing: 10-800kg/coil plastic inside and hassian outside// weave outside.
Single coil package for galvanized wire can be as small as 10 kg and up to maximum 1000 kg per coil.
Galfan galv. wire
Pvc coated galvanized wire

M.S. Wire, coil wire

Zinc plating soft electro galvanized steel iron wire BWG20, packed in 10kg coils


Galvanizing Technology: Galvanizing is a corrosion protection process for steel or iron, in which the substrate is coated with zinc to prevent it from rusting. The galvanization process entails immersing clean, oxide-free iron or steel into molten zinc in order to form a zinc coating that is metallurgically bonded to the iron or steel's surface.

Can be divided into Electro galv. and hot dip galv.

Hot Dip Galvanizing Processing
Steel rod coil - wire drawing - acid washing - rust removing- annealing - boiling - drying- zinc feeding- wire coiling.

For big coil galvanized iron wire, we also have wire rewinding machine to layout the small coil wire and winding it again into big coils with different inner diameter.

Electro Galvanizing Processing
Wire drawing, acid washing, rust removing, wire galvanizing, coiling and packing. 

Galvanized iron wire has the characteristics of thick zinc coating, good corrosion resistance, firm zinc coating.

Product Variety

Galvanized wire is mainly used in construction reinforcing, express way fencing, mesh weaving, general tying, armoring cable and various industrial uses.

Armoring Cable Wire

Cable Wire
Galvanized wire 0.9mm-1.6mm packed in Coil dia.(ID/OD mm): 340/590, 370/590, 450/800, 430/760; 2.0mm-3.9mm
Packed in Coil dia.(ID/OD mm): 450-800, 508-840

Tensile strength: 340-500 N/mm2 for all sizes

Elongation: Min. 10% for all sizes

Coil weight: 300-800kgs/coil

Packing: junbo coil, plastic bag

Wire dia(mm):0.90, 1.25, 1.60, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.9

Tolerance(mm):+/-0.025, +/-0.035, +/-0.045, +/-0.050, +/-0.065, +/-0.07, +/-0.075 

Max Elec. resistance(ohm/km): 216.92, 122.02, 68.64, 43.93, 28.11, 19.52, 11.55 

Min Zinc coating(g/m2): 150, 200, 230, 240, 260, 275, 290

Spring Wire

Spring Mattress Wire, High Tensile Wire, Spring Wire

Non-Galvanized and Galvanized steel wire for mechanical springs: Size 0.15mm-4.0mm, Tolerance: ±0.01mm
Standards: GB/T 4357, DIN17223, EN10270, JIS G 3521

Industrial Wire

Spool Wire, Stitching Wire
Round or flat wire form, galvanized, from 0.40mm up to 1.00mm iron wire.

In 2 kilo plastic reels, 3 1/2 kilo reels, 10 kilo reels, 15 kilo reels.

For stitching or stapling uses.

Mesh Wire

Galvanized Mesh Expressway and Railway Fencing Panels

Mesh Fence for Mobile and Security Fencing, Galvanized, Welded.

Welded wire mesh electro galvanized or hot dipped galvanized. In the forms of rolls or panels.

Galvanized steel welded net enjoys the feature of corrosion resistance compared with plain welded wire mesh. Mainly used as fencing panels or further fabricated into wire partitions, wire container panels, wire baskets, welded wire fences, poultry fences and other welded products.

5/8" x 5/8", Wire Gauge 18,19,20,21;
3/4" x 3/4", Wire Gauge 16,17,18,19,20,21;
1" x 1/2", Wire Gauge 16,17,18,19,20,21;
1-1/2" x 1-1/2", Wire Gauge 14,15,16,17,18,19;
1" x 2", Wire Gauge 14,15,16;
2" x 2", 12,13,14,15,16

Standard roll length: 30m; width: 0.5m to 1.8m

Insect Screen Wire Netting

Hardware Cloth, Square Mesh Mosquito Netting

Galvanized Mesh for Window Screening and Industrial Uses

14*14mesh, 16*14mesh, 16*16mesh, 18*16mesh, 18*18mesh, 18*14mesh
Wire diameter: BWG31or BWG32.
Material: galvanized wire
Color: White, bluish white
Weaving: Plain weave; Galvanized after weaving or after weaving
Property: Flexible, corrosion resistant, easy cleaning and keeping forms
Application: For construction, machine protection and keeping mosquito and insects out of residences.

Galvanized Steel Oval Wire for Agriculture Fencing, Vineyard support, Trellis support, Horticulture structures.

Cattle Fencing Steel Wire

Size :2.7/2.2mm,3.0/2.4mm 
Zinc coating rate:40g/m2-300g/m2 
Coil weight: 25-800kg
Material: High carbon steel.
Tensile strength: 1000-1200N/mm2
Breaking Load: 600KGF 725KGF 800KGF 1200KGF
Packing: 1000m/roll, 1250m/roll or 50kg/roll

Tying Wire

Hot Dipped Wire, Binding Wire

High tension hot dipped galvanized steel wire for binding in concrete reinforcing, for securing of steel rods and welded grids before concrete pouring.

Specification Table

Gauge SWG(mm) BWG(mm) Metric System
8# 4.06 4.19 4.00
9# 3.66 3.75 /
10# 3.25 3.40 3.50
11# 2.95 3.05 3.00
12# 2.46 2.77 2.80
13# 2.34 2.41 2.50
14# 2.03 2.11 /
15# 1.83 1.83 1.80
16# 1.63 1.65 1.65
17# 1.42 1.47 1.40
18# 1.22 1.25 1.20
19# 1.02 1.07 1.00
20# 0.19 0.89 0.90
21# 0.81 0.813 0.80
22# 0.71 0.711 0.70
23# to 34# are available