Product List

Galvanised Mild Steel Binding Wire

Galvanised Mild Steel Binding Wire

  • Binding wire 0.8mm, electro-galvd. annealed, 10kg per coil.
  • No. 16 gauge electro galvanised tying wire, for reinforcement fixing
  • 1.6mm U type mild steel binding wire, hot dip galvanized finish, in bundles
  • 18 gauge g.i. wire for tying deformed steel bars in the construction field.
  • Galvanized and Non Galvanized (3KG/Bundle), 0.3 to 5m long Pre cut; pvc coated / galvanized / straight cut wire, SIZE: 21 SWG, 3kg / bundle, or 25 Kgs Bundles.
Stainless Steel 304 Binding Wire

Stainless Steel 304 Binding Wire

  • Rust Proof and Corrosion Resistant SS 304 Rebar Grid Tying Wire
  • Stainless Steel Spooled Mesh Wire, for Mesh Cloth Weaving, SUS304, 316, 316L
Looped Wire Ties

Looped Wire Ties Annealed, G. I. or Coated

  • BWG16,18, 20 Guage Galvanized and Annealed Cut Iron Tie Wire, with Looped Ends for Quick Binding
  • Dead Soft Annealed, Double Loop, Bar Ties 16 Ga., Wire Looped On Both Ends, for Securing and Fixing Reinforcing Steel Bars
  • 16 Gauge PVC Coated Rebar Tie Wire, with Loops on end to put on rebar and twist, suitable for handy twister and automatic twisting tools.
U Wire

U Type Binding Wire

  • 1.6mm U type binding wire, galvanized finish, in bundles
  • BWG 21 galvanized pvc insulated coated U type binding wire
  • Black color non galvanized 18 gauge u type iron wire
  • 16 Gauge U Shape Black Annealed Or Galvanized Wire, 0.5-1.2mm Wire Diameter
Straight Cut Bundling Wire

Straight Cut Wire

  • 5kg/bundle tie wire, bundling wire, straightening cut gi wire for construction, Zinc coat:7-30g/mm2, Tensile strength: 350-680N/mm2
  • 20kg/bundle 18 gauge wire diameter straight cut Wire, used for securing trees, vines and creepers, as plant supports and industrial tying wire.
  • 0.7mm Powder Coated Galvanized Straight Cut Iron Wire
 M. S. Wire

M. S. Wire

  • Constructional M.S. Bundling Wire, 18 Gauge, Oil Tempered Iron Wire
  • Plated Wire Processed from Q-195 Material, Copper Clad Steel Wire, Conductive cord Wire of user communication cable for double conductor telephones.
Plastic Coated Iron Wire

Plastic Coated Wire

  • 16 gauge PVC coated tie wire for rebar tying, fence wire tying, Ral 6005 green color, Coil weight per roll: 50kg, Material: Steel
  • Plastic coated wire 1.2mm diamater, materials black annealed wire 0.8mm
  • PVC Coated Iron Wire core dia. 1 mm, (Galvanized), OD 1.3 mm, coating thickness 12 mm, tensile strength 390-540 N/mm2, Packing 2.5Kg/Coil. Coated M.S. Wire 20 SWG
  • PVC Wire Hanger, or Chromed finish, Length 40 cm, Height 20 cm, Wire Diameter 40mm, flat body, triangle shape, rounded ends.
  • IOWA type barbed wire, 2 strands and 4 points twisted. Barbs' distance can be 3-6 inches with a tolerance at 1/2" less or more.
Wire Tying Tools

Wire Tying Tools

  • For quick and efficient twisting in construction sites: It twists most ties with one pull.
  • Automatic Rebar Wire Ties Twister for Fixing Reinforcing Rebars, Li-ion Battery Driven
Common Round Nails

Common Round Nails

  • Q195 polished bright common wire nails, mild steel material, round shank, checkered cap, for constructions fastening uses
  • Size 1 inch to 6 inch Common Nails, made from 45# steel, low carbon steel or ss, for waterproof asphalt shingle roofing structure construction, packing in 25kg boxes.
  • Umbrella Head Wire Nails White (electo galv.): 3.40x80 mm, Diamond Point, for Brick and Masonry Construction
Concrete Nails

Concrete Nails

  • 3/4"x17BWG-18BWG Black Concrete Nails with Lost Head
  • Electro galvanized concrete steel nails, size 2"x14BWG
  • 1-2 inches steel nails
Masonry Nails

Masonry Nails

  • Masonry Nails 6d, 2" long, D head nails featuring minimal spalling and splitting
PC Strand

PC Strand

  • 15.24 mm astm a416 grade 270 galvanized prestressed wire strand, for construction of bridges, subway, railway sleepers, poles, dams, nuclear power plants, high-rise buildings.
  • 1x7 wire low relaxation, Dia 12.7 mm x 7 ply super grade LRPC Strand confirming to IS14268 - 1995
Reinforcing Steel Bar

Reinforcing Steel Bar

  • 20mm diameter steel rebar, spiral ribbed iron rod HRB400, welded into concrete construction reinforcing grid
  • Tools for tying and fixing of steel bars
Rebar Supports

Rebar Supports

  • Slab Bolster with Bearing Plate, Used for supporting lower slab steel on fill or other soft material. Available in 5'-0" lengths only.
  • Slab Bolster without plate
  • Standard leg spacing is 5" on centers. Fabricated in standard 5'-0" lengths.